Landmark surveyors have a range of services designed to support you through every stage of moving home

For most people, finding and buying a property is just the start. The exciting part of the process is making it your own – making it home. When you move in, it is possible that you might come across unexpected repairs that could absorb both your time and money, or lead to disappointment that your new home doesn’t meet expectations

Our services

Landmark surveyors give you the facts and support to enable you to make the right decision at every stage of the process and the services required to make progress and complete your purchase

Buyer survey Seller survey
Report that gives a great snapshot of the properties condition A reports shown to buyers with a transparent view of condition to make a sale more likely
Building survey Specific defect report
This survey is tailored for older, larger houses or more complex constructions Looks at particular problems only such as structural movement or dampness
Specialist reports Mortgage valuations
We arrange a wide range of reports such as engineer, electrical/gas, drains and wall A report prepared for Mortgage lenders to determine a properties worth

What makes Landmark different?

We asked the public what they wanted – the Landmark Buyer and Seller Surveys are the result. Our unique products include:

Reports Repairs
Easy to understand reports to give you a quick and accurate feel to the property We will alert you with our traffic light system to alert you of your repairs priority and severity
Personal point of contact Rough cost guide
We give you the contact details for your surveyor, who will be happy to provide the support and advice you need This is provided within our reports to inform you if any necessary repairs are to bein the £10’s or £1000’s
Fast turnaround Making your home greener
Rather than keep you wondering, we ensure reports are with you within a few days of inspection We advise on how to make your home more energy efficient, thereby reducing your energy bills


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